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Faculty office

Office of the Dean is a central administration of the faculty which is governed by faculty’s board of committee consisted of dean, vice deans, assistant deans, head of departments and head of ofiice of the dean.

The office is divided into 3 divisions and each division consisted of the followin g sections:
♦ Administration and Organizational Strategies

⇒ Archives Section
⇒ Human Research Development Section
⇒ Premises and Vehicle Section
⇒ Information Technology and Corporative Communication Section
⇒ Strategies and Organizational Standard Section

♦ Graduate, Research, and Innovation

⇒ Bachelor Studies Section
⇒ Graduate Studies Section
⇒ Research, Outreach, and Innovation Section
⇒ International Affairs Section

♦ Asset Management

⇒ Finance Section
⇒ Material Supply Section